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Millie Mae Clothing

Lila Dress in Aurora

The LILA dress style is a collection of limited edition, hand dip dyed chiffon dresses. This listing is for the Lila dress in AURORA 

💕 5 layers of HAND DIP DYED skirts in shades of pink and blue created especially for Millie Mae Clothing
💕 Each of the 5 skirt layers is a different color!!
💕 All dresses exclusviely dip dyed by hand right here in the US!
💕 The straps are made of bridal lace and are a criss cross style that allows for adjustable sizing and even more wow factor from the back!
💕 Ombre dip dyed lace straps
💕 Beautiful lace detail on the bodice, skirt and straps
💕 This dress is part of a small batch
release that uses exclusive materials and colors created especially for you
💕 This dress is READY TO SHIP!!

Dye Consistency:

As with all handmade items, each is dip dyed dress is unique due to these being dyed by hand! With every release we strive to offer you the most absolutely perfect pieces we can. The blue in these dresses caused more inconsistencies than with past colors. Therefore there are more incosistencies in dye between layers which may be visible with close inspection.

Due to this, we are releasing Aurora with a slightly lower price point than our other Lila dresses. In addition to this, some sizes will be listed with a flaw option. The flawed options have these inconsistencies in more visible spots on the layers.

However, it is important to note that these flaws are very hard to spot in photos. The size 7 dress you see in the main photos has several of these flaws on the top layer, and they are not visible in photos.


1️⃣ The waist measurements is the most important for sizing through the bodice. Since the back is an open style with adjustable ties, the chest will vary a little bit depending on how tight you pull the straps⁠

2️⃣ As such, please measure your child's high waist (not around the belly button- a few inches above that) to get her waist size. Add 1-1.5 inches for ease and choose a size⁠

3️⃣ The waist is ELASTICIZED and so the range of sizes is given. The lower number reflects the waist before the elastic is stretched, and the high number shows the approximate size after the elastic is stretched. Again, since this is elasticized there is some flexibility in the fit of this dress⁠

4️⃣ The back skirt length reflects the length of the longest point of the skirt from the waist⁠

PLEASE NOTE that Size 12 has been added. It has the size dress length as size 10 but a bigger chest. See the second image for the size chart.


Measure your child's high waist (the slimmest part of their waist a few inches above the belly button) and add 1-1.5" for ease. Find the closest size on the chart

Lila Dress in Aurora